Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tokyo Skytree - Menara tertinggi dunia

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Tokyo Skytree yang merupakan Menara Penyiaran, Restoran dan Cerapan yang berketinggian 634.0 m (2080 kaki) merupakan Menara tertinggi dunia melebihi pemegang rekod sebelum ini Canton Tower, China (600 m).

Selain itu, Menara ini juga merupakan Bangunan kedua tertinggi dunia selepas Burj Khalifa, Dubai (829.84 m). 



A look at the Tokyo Skytree, by the numbers:
1: Number of weeks people reportedly stood in line to get a ticket to ride a Skytree elevator on Tuesday
2: Number of months that trips up the tower are fully booked — through July 11, to be exact
4: Number of years it took to build the Skytree
6: Number of television stations that will use Skytree for transmission
300: Shops and restaurants surrounding the new development
1,148: Height, in feet, of the first observation deck. A ticket this far costs 2,000 yen ($25)
1,476: Height, in feet, of the second observation deck
2,080: Height, in feet, of the tower, surpassing the 1,968-foot tall Caton Tower in China as the tallest in the world
200,000: Expected first-day visitors, despite the rainy weather in Tokyo. Of these visitors, 8,000 were set to ride to the top of Skytree
32 million: Expected visitors to the tower in its first year
$1.8 billion: Cost, in U.S. dollars, to develop the tower
Kyodo / Reuters

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